We are a group of parents, teachers, and community members who had many questions about the state of education in Arizona. We researched some answers and wanted to share the information in a non-partisan, non-political way to help other AZ citizens make informed choices for their children and when electing leadership.
  • Arizona public education is in a funding crisis.
  • Due to a high level of tax credits- Arizona gives away more money
    to corporations ($12 billion) than we take into the general fund
    ($9.8 billion). Education funds come from the general fund.
  • Arizona ranks at or near the bottom in per pupil spending, teacher
    pay, large class size, and has a massive teacher shortage.
  • The Governor and the legislature have broken the law and have
    failed to follow the AZ Constitution to fund public education
    through adequate taxation. This has resulted in two lawsuits and a
    balance owed to public schools in the billions.
  • We MUST correct these issues and give all Arizona students,
    teachers, and districts the tools they need for success.
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