About Us


Unprecedented teacher shortage.

Second-largest median class size.

Near bottom in per-pupil spending.

Worst counselor to student ratio in the country.

Largest education funding cuts in the nation.


It hasn’t always been this way. It doesn’t have to stay this way.

AZED101 began with a question: Why?

Why, we asked, are our schools so underfunded?

Why, we demanded, are our teachers working second and third jobs to supplement their living expenses?

We wanted more funding for our schools, our teachers, and our students.

We realized that to change the status quo, we had to understand the situation. Soon, we had a presentation to share with friends and neighbors who were shocked to find out how our schools are funded. You will be, too. We’ve taken our presentation on the road and hope to bring it to you and your community soon.

AZED101 remains volunteer-driven. Our lead presenters are teachers, students, and parents with children in both traditional and charter public schools, as well as private schools. We are committed to raising awareness about why our schools are underfunded and are dedicated to improving funding for public education in Arizona.

The Presentation

Our presentation on public education funding in Arizona is factual and non-partisan. We recognize there are many ways to play with the numbers to fit a certain political agenda—As Mark Twain said, there are three kind of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics—and so we use raw data from credible sources and cite every source in our presentation.

AZED101 on the Road

We have presented throughout metro Phoenix, as well as Flagstaff, Show Low, Kingman, Sierra Vista, Yuma, and Tucson—in public libraries, public schools, and in retirement communities; statewide via video conference and in-person in private homes. We’ve taken the presentation to gatherings of teachers, congregations and their clergy, and leaders of community organizations. We have presented at precinct committee meetings, legislative district meetings, as well as statewide conventions.

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